Aromas : Tropical fruits, citrus, grapefruit. Category : aromatic, used at the end of...
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Pellets Hops RIWAKA

  • Reference: HP-RIWAKA-100

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Aromas : Tropical fruits, citrus, grapefruit.

Category : aromatic, used at the end of boiling, off flame or dry hop.

Substitutes : 50/50 Saaz-Citra or Saaz-Motueka blend


Summary :

Considered one of the favorite hops of the New Zealand Craft-Beer scene, Riwaka is a triploid variety whose parent strain is Saaz. Riwaka is an aromatic hop that is generally only used in late boil, off-flame or dry hop additions.

Aroma Profile :

Aromatic descriptors for Riwaka hops include passion fruit combined with grapefruit and citrus notes. The Saaz parent variety gives it a subtle floral touch.

This hop combines the typical aromatic expression of New Zealand hops with the very noble side of Saaz.

Composition :

Alpha acids: 4.5%-6.5%.

Beta Acids: 4.0%-5.0

Cohumulone: 29%-36%.

Quantity of oil (ml/100g)


Composed of :

Myrcene : 67%-70% Caryophyllene : 2.0%-70% Caryophyllene : 2.0

Caryophyllene: 2.0%-6.0%.

Farnesene: 0.0%-1.0%.

Humulene: 8.0-10%.

Selinene: 17.9%.

Styles :

IPA, Hazy IPA, Pale Ale, Lager.

Substitutes :

Riwaka hops are unique, it will be difficult to substitute them with a single variety. We recommend a 50/50 blend of Saaz-Citra or Saaz-Motueka.

Data sheet

  • Hop

    in pellets

  • Type

    aroma / flavor

  • Origin

    New Zealand

  • Crop year


  • Alpha acids


  • Style de prédilection

    India Pale Ale
    Pale Ale

  • Arômes


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