Profile: Fruity, citrus, floral, apple/pear, melon, grape, rose, jasmine.
  • Mistral Hop Pellets
  • Mistral Hop Pellets
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Mistral Hop Pellets

  • Reference: HP.MISTRAL-100G


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Mistral Hops:

mistral hops

The Mistral hops is a mainly aromatic variety, developed in Alsace by the agricultural counter. It is a cross between Strisselspalt (FR) and Cascade (USA). This hop offers a refreshing and elegant character to the beer thanks to its notes of white fruits and floral touches, notably rose and jasmine. It can also serve as a bittering hop on beers where a fine bitterness is desired.

The Mistral hops brings a soft bitterness and aromas of melon, pear, citrus and grape. Used in Dry Hop, it expresses all its aromatic potential. It is often used for American-style beers, like IPAs, Pale Ales and Pilsners. It can also suit Belgian-style beers, like Saisons.

Organoleptic properties:

  • Country of origin: France
  • Alpha Acids: 6.5% - 8.5%
  • Beta Acids: 3.1% - 3.8%
  • Total oils: 1-1.5 ml / 100g

Preferred beer styles:

  • IPA
  • Saison
  • Pale Ale
  • Blond ale
  • Hoppy lager
  • India Pale Lager
  • Pilsner

Possible alternatives:

The Mistral hop is a fairly unique French variety. There are no foreseeable substitutes.

Data sheet

  • Hop

    in pellets

  • Type

    aroma / flavor

  • Origin


  • Crop year


  • Alpha acids


  • Style de prédilection

    Blonde Ale
    India Pale Ale

  • Arômes


Specific References

  • ean13


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