Which brewing equipment should you choose ?

Buying brewing equipment is a major investment. In order to make the right choice in the equipment you wish to acquire, you need to ask yourself the questions of how often you wish to brew, and how comfortable you wish to be. Frequent brewing will certainly pay for itself. Similarly, you may prefer to brew beer with top-of-the-range equipment, so as to gain time and precision in your brews without encountering difficulties. On the other hand, if you're not quite sure what you need, you may want to go for a cheaper, temporary system so that you can brew and develop your brewing skills.

Rolling Beers offers turnkey brewing equipment packs for brewers who aren't sure what they need.

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Which brewing kettle to choose ?

Purchasing a brewing kettle is undoubtedly the most important investment you can make when starting out in home or professional brewing. Rolling Beers offers several ranges of brewing and mashing vessels to suit your budget.

Grainfather and Brewtools are our top-of-the-range products. These connected electric brewing tanks let you brew beer with the precision of a professional. They're ideal for ambitious brewers who want comfortable, professional-quality equipment for frequent, trouble-free brewing. Automated, these tanks can even create your own recipes according to the programming you define.

For smaller budgets, Rolling Beers also offers electric tanks with thermostats. With these tanks, all you have to do is set the temperature of your bearings, and the tank will not only heat the liquid to the desired temperature, but also maintain this temperature indefinitely. These tanks are particularly handy for adapting your own filtration system, be it a stainless steel braid, a stirring bag or other system.

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Malt millers

To crush malt, Rolling Beers offers grain mills and crushing accessories that can be adapted to the cut you wish to make. For brewers using the Brew In A Bag technique, for example, a clean cut close to the must is recommended to facilitate the extraction of sugars, and because this filtration system cannot clog. If, on the other hand, you're brewing a beer with a high proportion of wheat or rye, you'll certainly want a coarser cut of the barley malt to compensate for the absence of bark from the other cereals. In short, the important thing is to be able to adapt your cut to your own taste.

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Filtration equipment

Separating the spent grain from the wort is no mean feat. In other words, it involves separating the cereal cake (mash) in two. To do this, you have to separate the solid matter (spent grain) from the liquid matter (wort). While the solid matter is no longer needed, the cereal juice is brought to the boil.

Rolling Beers offers a range of filtration systems to suit every need and desire. For example, you can purchase a bottom filter, a stainless steel tube or an external filtration bucket. The simplest and least expensive way to brew beer is, of course, to use a brew bag, although this does not allow for optimal rinsing and thus ideal yield. It's up to you to decide what you need from our filtration and rinsing solutions.

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Cooling equipment

Cooling your beer after boiling is the last and most important step in the brewing process. A good cooling system is essential to ensure that your wort is cold-brewed and protected from bacterial infection.

Rolling Beers offers copper and stainless steel coils that immediately immerse themselves in the wort and circulate cold water inside to rapidly lower the temperature of the liquid. We also offer plate heat exchangers, more akin to the cooling systems used by professional brewers.

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