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complete equipment for brewing kits, beer

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By purchasing this starter Pack ROLLING BEERS, you'll wield all the equipment needed for the brewing kits.

InformationThis pack contains a full set of equipment for the brewing kits beer Brewferm and kits Muntons (not included in the pack). You'll simply have to buy or collect empty bottles.

InformationThe hydrometer provides allows to control the end of the fermentation, and the degree of alcohol obtained.

The pack ROLLING BEERS contains:

  • a bucket of brewing plastic 30 litre with valve and thermometer sticker
  • a bucket of fermenting in plastic, 30 litres with tap, thermometer sticker, and bubbler,
  • a rod-filler special,
  • a large spoon,
  • a capping machine for capsules, 26mm,
  • 100 caps crowns 26mm (beer bottles normal),
  • a brush for cleaning bottles
  • a bottle of cleaner,
  • a hydrometer with a test tube to control the fermentation.



Top pour les débutants

Je le recommande pour les débutants. A noté tous de même, prévoyez des bouteilles :)

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