Complete equipment for brewing from beer kits. This equipment can be used over and over again,...
  • Kit beginner Rolling Beers
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Kit beginner Rolling Beers

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When you buy this ROLLING BEERS Beginner Beer Brewing Kit, you'll have all the equipment you need to brew and ferment from a beer kit. The equipment you need to brew beer in your kitchen.

This kit contains complete equipment for brewing brewferm kits, Muntons kits or Mangrove Jack's kits. All you need to do is collect or buy empty bottles.

The densimeter supplied enables you to check the end of fermentation and the degree of alcohol obtained.

Included in the ROLLING BEERS starter kit

The ROLLING BEERS kit contains

  • a 30-liter plastic transfer bucket with tap and self-adhesive thermometer
  • a 30-liter plastic fermenting bucket with tap + self-adhesive thermometer + bubbler and cap
  • special filling rod,
  • a large spoon,
  • capper for 26mm capsules,
  • 100 crown caps 26mm (for normal beer bottles),
  • bottle cleaning brush
  • a bottle of cleaning product,
  • densimeter with test tube for fermentation control.

Glass bottles are not supplied in this brewing kit. The brewer will need to recycle empty bottles, or purchase his own. If he decides to recycle bottles, he must take care to clean and disinfect them before reusing them.

Brewing kit for beginners

The ROLLING BEERS beginner's brewing kit is ideal for the beer lover who wants to start brewing. This complete set of equipment enables you to brew beer several times over, making it a real investment that will pay for itself over several brews.

The buckets close with a perforated plastic lid housing a bubbler and colored stopper. The key to successful fermentation is a clean environment. The kitchen, fermenter, pipes and bottles all need to be sterile, thanks to a bottle of cleaning product.

Other brewing kits

The all-grain alternative to the Rolling Beers brewing kit allows you to brew directly with grain malt. Rollin-Beers brewing kits, for example, offer an alternative with a 12L fermenter, a few basic materials and the raw materials needed to brew 8 liters of beer.

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