Bluetooth-connected all-in-one tank for brewing up to 27L
  • Grainfather G30v3
  • Grainfather G30v3
  • Grainfather G30v3
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Grainfather G30

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Grainfather connect G30 version 3!

The G30 version 3 is the ultimate version of the best all-in-one brewing system. This automatic tank becomes the best reference for brewing up to 23 liters of professional-quality beer. Its elegant look and innovative Bluetooth features will make it your ideal brewing companion, whether you're a beginner or an experienced brewer.

Grainfather connect G30 V3 tank specifications:

- 30L tank volume and maximum 9kg malt capacity.

- Up to 28L pre-boiling volume.

- Dimensions: 733mmx386

- Weight: 10kg

- Heating power: 1600-2000W for rapid heating and safe temperature maintenance

- Pump power: 6W - 1800 RPM

- Bluetooth control box for remote control from the Grainfather app

- Efficient, hygienic brew transfer with countercurrent cooler

- 3-year warranty

- The perforated grain basket is in one piece, for easy cleaning and reduced handling. It is an addition to version 3.

The Grainfather connect G30² has a boiling capacity (recommended) of 28L, enabling you to brew up to 23L of beer. It is equipped with a powerful pump that can be controlled from the unit.

Download the Grainfather application and enter your recipe in the directory. All calculations of water volumes, estimated losses, theoretical densities etc. will be done for you. All you have to do is connect to the control box's Bluetooth connection, and you'll be able to control your brewing from your phone.

Temperature controls are automatic, and you'll be guided through the steps you need to take throughout your brewing day. The fact that you don't have to check temperatures yourself frees up a lot of time for cleaning and other tasks.

There's also a timed heating function. So, before going to bed, you can fill the tank with the required volume of water and program a time when the machine will start heating, 20 to 30 minutes before you wake up. So you can start brewing straight away, without waiting for the water to heat up! What's more, having spent the whole night in the tank, the brewing water will have evacuated all its chlorine.

The other time-saving feature of the brewing day is the counter-current cooler supplied with the tank. It will cool 20 liters of wort in about 20 minutes!

Included with the Grainfather connect G30 mash tun:

- 30L capacity 304 stainless steel tank

- Malt tube expandable to suit the amount of grain used (up to 9kg)

- Robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and wort recirculation hose with insulated handle, ensuring consistent temperature throughout the brewing process while optimizing output.

- Pump filter to keep stray hop and grain particles in the tank, keeping your wort clear and bright.

- Countercurrent wort cooler with copper inner tube, cooling your wort to <20°C in 20 minutes.

- Reinforced control box for temperature indication and pump control. Temperature control knob for precise temperature control and rapid heat-up.

- Dual heating element allows you to choose between vigorous heating to boiling point or stable temperature maintenance.

- Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiency and visibility during your brew day.

- Top and bottom screens for your malt tube, allowing even distribution of your rinse water and ensuring that no grain enters the vessel.

ATTENTION: All new Grainfather units contain a strip of adhesive tape in the tub. This should be discarded before first use.

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