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  • Small 4L wooden barrel. Perfect for aging beer. Wooden stand and tap included.
    4L oak barrel
  • 6L oak barrel. Perfect for aging beer, wine or spirits. Wooden stand and tap included.
    6L oak barrel
  • 10L oak barrel. Perfect for aging beer. Wooden stand and tap included.
    10L oak barrel
  • 25L wooden barrel. Perfect for aging beer. Wooden stand and tap included.
    25L oak barrel

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Oak Barrels from 4 to 25L

Rolling Beers offers you a mini cellar of oak barrels from 4l to 25l.

They benefit from our expertise in barrel aging and have been carefully selected for you.

The wood used for our barrels is ideal for maturing or preserving your:

  • - Brettanomyces-based beers
  • - Wild beers
  • - Cask Ales
  • - Quadrupel
  • - Imperial Stout

The light heating process of our oak barrels will give your beer woody notes of vanilla, coconut; a light roasting, a slightly spicy touch and a very small smoky point.

You can also mature other alcohols such as:

  • - Wines
  • - Spirits
  • - Cognac
  • - Whisky
  • - Rum
  • - Cider
  • - etc

Each alcohol that has aged in our wooden barrels will leave its aromatic notes and will give complexity to your beer.

Our range of available oak barrels:

oak barrels

Oak Barrel 4L 6L 10L 25L
Reference: BARI4 BARI6 BARI10 BARI25
Length (cm): 24.5 30 35 45
End Diameter (cm) 16 19 21 29
Bilge Diameter (cm) 20.5 23 26 36

Additional information on our oak barrels:

Each oak wood barrel we sell is new. To facilitate storage and maintenance, their interior is waxed with paraffin. This wax will also have the effect of minimizing the wood effect of new wooden barrels. Indeed, new and untreated wood gives aggressive flavors and difficult to control. It usually takes years to find a balance. Professionals generally buy their barrels from wine estates where they have sometimes served for more than 50 years.

Paraffin thus allows diffuse and controlled flavors. It makes aging in small barrels accessible to amateur brewing.


Even if your oak barrel is paraffin-coated, you should still expect a relatively rapid change in the flavors of the liquid you are going to age. You will therefore have to taste regularly to find the right balance.

The art of aging in oak barrels cannot be 100% predictable. Wood is a living material, so it will be difficult to define the precise rate of woodiness and evaporation. This will mainly depend on the storage location of the barrel. We recommend a room with stable temperature, neither too dry nor too humid, away from drafts and sunlight.