Luppolo In Pellets SUMMIT

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Scheda dati

Houblon en pellets
Type amérisant
Origine Américain
Année de récolte 2016
Taux d'acide alpha 18,1%

Maggiori informazioni

Summit™ is a high alpha variety of recent origin that was bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association. It is the first high alpha variety that can be grown commercially on a low as well as a high trellis in the U.S.   The variety exhibits unusually high alpha acids content, high alpha/beta ratios, excellent storage-stability and powdery mildew resistance. It is the first dwarf hop to be bred for production in the United States and it's currently the only hop being grown on low trellis in the Yakima Valley. Summit is a superior bittering hop with earth aromatic notes and a subtle hint of citrus.


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Luppolo In Pellets SUMMIT

Luppolo In Pellets SUMMIT

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