Luppolo In Pellets VICTORIA SECRET

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Scheda dati

Houblon en pellets
Type aromatique
Origine Australien
Année de récolte 2018
Taux d'acide alpha 18,1%

Maggiori informazioni

Lighter and less dominant than Galaxy, yet there is still more than enough character for Vic Secret to embellish the world of beer flavour. The clean, distinct fruit and pine characters of Vic Secret are best accessed by dry hopping or whirlpool additions. Late kettle additions have been found to impart a pleasant earthy character, but little fruit. She has very high levels of alpha acid so brewers may find it easier to craft the right balance in their beer by dry hopping.


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Luppolo In Pellets VICTORIA SECRET

Luppolo In Pellets VICTORIA SECRET

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