copy of Pack complet Fermzilla 27L

copy of Pack complet Fermzilla 27L

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Accessory pack for pre-curing PET fermenter.


Accessory pack for pre-curing PET fermenter
Do you already have a Fermzilla presure fermenter? Our pack contains all the small equipment you need to attach to your fermenter so you can carry out your pressurised fermentation without going to the trouble of finding the right connection.

And that's not all: this kit also contains everything you need to serve your beer from your fermenter, so you don't have to go through the bottling stage!

The only item not supplied is the sodastream CO2 carboy (which can be found anywhere in the shops), but all the equipment you need to adapt this carboy is included in this kit!

The pack includes :
duotight in-line regulator
CO2 ball lock connector
5/16" FFL union
5/16" John Guest hose
Sodastream cylinder regulator
Support for sodastream cylinder
Ball lock compensator 5/16
Smooth shank reducer (Fitting - 3/8'' tube to 5/16'' smooth shank)
Red John Guest hose 3/8
Picnic beer tap

To find out more about pressure fermentation, see our dedicated article.

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