Houblon en pellets WAI ITI

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Profil : Fruits à noyaux, agrumes, épicé, fruité

Fiche technique

Houblon en pellets
Type aromatique
Origine Nouvelle zélande
Année de récolte 2020
Taux d'acide alpha 2,7%

Plus d'informations

Developed by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research hop breeding program and released in 2011, Wai-iti is a granddaughter of Liberty and is derived from 1/3 Hallertau MIttelfrüh. Fresh peaches and stone fruit dominate the aroma in single hopped beers and when combining with other varieties in late additions. Wai-iti is best known for its fruity, aroma-driven results.

Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include fresh peaches and apricot characteristics; freshly squeezed limes with top notes of mixed citrus and spice.


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