Kit de equipamiento Brew in a Bag

Kit de equipamiento Brew in a Bag

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Discover our brew in a bag rolling beers kit

The Brew in a Bag pack brings together the essentials for brewing beer from all-grain malt. With this pack, you can brew up to 20 liters of beer.

This brew in a bag kit contains :

1 ECO adjustable malt mill

1 27L electric stainless-steel brewing tank with thermostat, tap and alarm (for single-barrel brewing)

1 40cm spatula

1 Chillin20 stainless steel wort cooler

1m PVC hose

1 brewing thermometer

1 30-l transfer tank with drain cock, thermometer and lid

1 30-l fermenter with lid + bubbler, thermometer and drain cock

1 3 l wort and grain scoop

10 hop bags

1 brewing bag 30x30x35

1 densimeter + test tube for fermentation control

1 filling rod

100g Oxybrew detergent

1 capper with 100 capsules

In the event of a future upgrade to an all-in-one brewing system, the essential Brew-in-Bag pack will still come in handy.