• Grainfather whirlpool and aeration brewing paddle
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Grainfather whirlpool and aeration brewing paddle

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The Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle is an excellent tool that can be used for both the aeration of your wort in the fermenter after chilling and to create a strong efficient whirlpool with minimal effort.

Whirlpooling before you pump the wort out of your brewing system is highly recommended to help separate the solids from your wort. This helps to form a secondary layer of filtration over your hop filter and allows your wort to flow out clear, while minimising the risk of small particles making it into the pump.

The Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle provides an excellent whirlpool without the effort! Just simply attach to a standard electric power drill via its 'chuck bit' styled end for the relaxed whirlpooling and aeration of your wort.

Aerating the wort after chilling is excellent practice. It infuses oxygen which is critical to yeast growth in the early stages, reduces lag time and helps with a strong, healthy fermentation.

  • 304 stainless steel, 8 mm (1/3") drill bit end and 12.5 cm (5") wide blades
  • designed to be easily attached to a power drill via an 8 mm (1/3") drill bit style end
  • plugged at the end
  • 56 cm (22") long, perfect for use in large boilers and smaller stove top kettles
  • 12.5 cm (5") wide blades to create a strong aeration and whirlpool

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