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Best before date: 08/16/2023*

Dry, malty ale yeast. Provides a complex, oak character to your beer. Hop bitterness comes through well. This yeast is well-suited for classic British Pale Ales, Bitters and Stouts. Does not flocculate as much as 'English Ale Yeast' and 'British Ale Yeast'.

Attenuation: 67-75%
Flocculation: Medium
Fermentation temperature: 19°-22°C (66°-71°F)

White Labs - PurePitch™
The industry's first pitchable yeast grown and delivered in the same package. Yeast that has never been exposed to the environment, in its most perfect and natural state. The result of a 5 year journey to create the absolute purest yeast ever.

Average viability of PurePitch ® liquid yeast over a period of six months:

Time Viability
After 1 month 99.21%
After 2 months 98.05%
After 3 months 90.26%
After 4 months 84.28%
After 5 months 79.35%

Alternatives : Wyeast 1028, Windsor

*Minimum durability date: 08/16/2023
A minimum durability date does not mean that the product is no longer consumable, but that it may lose some of its qualities.

Data sheet

  • Strain

    British Ale

  • Floculation


  • Attenuation


  • Conservation

    Au réfrigérateur

  • Style de prédilection

    British Ale
    Pale Ale

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