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  • WLN4000 Clarity Ferm
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WLN4000 Clarity Ferm

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Clarity Ferm is designed for two applications:

1. Eliminates Chill Haze while increasing the shelf life of packaged beer.

2. Significantly reduces gluten in beers brewed with barley and wheat.

Clarity Ferm is an easy-to-use enzyme that eliminates haze from beer and serves as an alternative to clarify and stabilize beer appearance. Additional benefits also include cost savings for breweries, improved yields and a proven innovation for gluten reduction.

While the enzyme helps break down the sensitive (active) polypeptides that create chill haze, its reaction is highly specific, so you can rest assured that no other beer parameters (i.e. flavor, aroma) will be affected.

Clarity Ferm can be used in combination with all types of brewing materials. Simply add when the yeast is added, and Clarity Ferm will do its job during fermentation. Once fermentation is complete, the possibility of Chill Haze will be eliminated and you'll have a stable, clear beer.

In addition to eliminating Chill Haze, Clarity Ferm significantly reduces the gluten content of beers made with barley and wheat. A barley- or wheat-based beer treated with Clarity Ferm will typically test less than 20 ppm gluten, which is the international threshold for brewing considered "gluten-free".

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  • DSM Brewers Clarex Gluten Reduce - DSM Brewers Clarex Gluten Reduced Leaflet_en

  • DSM Brews Clarex Craft Stabiliza - DSM Brews Clarex Craft Stabilization Leaflet_en

  • Clarity Ferm Spec Sheet - Clarity Ferm Spec Sheet_en

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