Recommended use: up to 15%. Color: 110 - 140 EBC
  • Carawheat® Weyermann® caramelized wheat malt
  • Carawheat® Weyermann® caramelized wheat malt
  • Carawheat® Weyermann® caramelized wheat malt
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Carawheat® Weyermann® caramelized wheat malt

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Caramelized wheat malt

Caramelized wheat malt has been heated while the moisture content of the grain is still high. This process provokes a maillard reaction that gives this type of malt beautiful caramel flavors. This malt, also known as Carawheat®, adds a coppery color to the beer. While it will help reinforce the phenolic side of German wheat beers, it will also present brioche, almond, cookie and (of course) caramel aromas.

As with all wheat malts, its protein content contributes to a creamy texture and foam retention. What's more, the fact that it has no husk limits astringency and gives it a softer, caramelized edge than caramelized barley malts.

Since some of the enzymes and sugars are lost during malting, the use of this malt should be limited to a maximum of 15%. Traditionally used in dunkelweizen, it is perfectly suited to beers where a mild caramel character is desired.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Dunkelweizen
  • Red Ales
  • WitBier
  • Oatmeal Stout

Recommended use :
up to 15% proof

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Data sheet

  • Grains


  • Cereal


  • Type


  • °L

    110 - 140

  • Style de prédilection

  • Usage Max.



  • Weyermann® CARAWHEAT®_Specificat - Weyermann® CARAWHEAT®_Specification_en

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