Conical fermenter : capacity from 40 to 90 liters
  • F100 Unitank
  • F100 Unitank
  • F100 Unitank
  • F100 Unitank
  • F100 Unitank
  • F100 Unitank
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F100 Unitank

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Brewtools Unitank F100 conical fermenter

Brewtools Unitanks are fermenters designed for ambitious home brewers and small breweries. As part of the Brewtools identity, the brand has explored new techniques and solutions. This has resulted in a series of high-end fermenters with new features and many possibilities.

The F100 fermenter was designed for enthusiasts who want to upgrade to a larger brewing volume while staying on top of high-quality equipment. It can also be a fermenter for "test" brews for professional brewers.

F100 Fermenter Key Features.

- The PureBlast™ surface inside and out eliminates the use of wax and polishing compounds. Therefore, the vessel does not require passivation.

- Cooling system in the tank walls provides efficient cooling.

- Numerous options for connecting accessories such as sensors, heat sinks and other accessories.

- Pressure rating for 2 bar / 30 PSI.

- 8" TC port on top for easy access.

- 2" TC drain and racking valves.

Brewtools Unitanks are designed and manufactured with a focus on safety and quality.

They are tested and certified to the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU by a third party.

Specifications of the Unitank F100 fermenter :

 Minimum height without accessory: 102 cm

 Maximum height without access: 122 cm

 Package size: 107 (h) x 60 (w) x 60 (d) cm

 Net weight: 47.8 Kg

 Gross weight: 53.1 Kg

 Diameter of the tank (inside): Ø50 cm

 Gross volume: 109 liter

 Recommended volume max. 90 liter

 Recommended volume min: 40 liter

Volume, cone: 24 liters

Material: 1.5 mm stainless steel (SS304)

 Working pressure: 1.0 bar / 15 PSI

Maximum pressure: 2.0 bar / 30 PSI

The F100 fermenter comes with:

1 Analog pressure gauge, TC34mm

2 Butterfly Valves, 2

1 Butterfly valve, 34mm DN20

1 Purge hose

1 2" racking arm

1 TC 90° elbow, 2", 1

1 Insulating sheath, black neoprene

1 Sampling valve, 34mm

1 TC 8"-4" adapter

1 4" TC cap

1 TC 2" cap

2 TC 1.5" caps

3 TC 34mm caps

2 TC 8" Flanged Seals

2 TC 4" Seals

2 TC 2" Seals

1 TC 1.5" gasket

3 TC 34mm seals

1 8" Tri Clamp

1 4" Tri Clamp

5 Tri Clamp 2

2 1.5" Clamps

10 Tri Clamp 34mm

1 TC tool

4 M10 steel/rubber feet

1 TC34mm safety valve (GRP, 2 bar)

Bolts and parts needed for assembly

Data sheet