• Malt Acid 9EBC -  1kg
  • Malt Acid 9EBC
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Malt Weyermann® Acid 2EBC

  • Reference: ACIDE-1KG


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Beer style :

Pils; Lager, Wheat beers, Light alcohol beers, all other types of beer.

Recommended use :

up to 10%

Characteristics :

Produced from quality spring barley. Lowers pH of mash, wort and beer. Contains 1-2% lactic acid. Enhances enzymatic activity during mashing and improves extraction efficiency. Brightens the color of pale beers. Improves stability and shelf life of finished beer. Promotes round, complex beer flavor. Recommended quantities: 1% lowers the pH of beer by 0.1. Taste: fruity and acidic.

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  • Weyermann® Acidulated Malt_Speci - Weyermann® Acidulated Malt_Specification_en

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