Recommended use: Adding 1% acid malt reduces the mash pH by about 0.1. Maximum addition is 10%...
  • Malt Acide Weyermann®
  • Malt Acide Weyermann®
  • Malt Acide Weyermann®
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Malt Acide Weyermann®

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Saveurs du malt acide

Weyermann® Acid Malt:

Weyermann® Acid Malt is produced from German base malt. Rather than having a direct impact on the beer's taste, its main role is functional. Its purpose is to lower the pH of the mash, wort and beer. It contains 1-2% lactic acid, making it highly acidic. This function enables it to improve enzymatic activity during mashing and the efficiency of sugar extraction.

Basically, it has much the same role as brewing acid, while improving the stability and shelf life of the finished beer. It also enhances the beer's complex flavor.

1% acid malt will (as a general rule - we still recommend checking the pH meter) lower the pH of the mash by 0.1. It is not recommended to use more than 10% of this malt in a recipe.

Preferred beer styles :
Functional malt for all styles.

Recommended use:
Up to 10% malt

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    2 - 5

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