• Malt Acid 9EBC -  1kg
  • Malt Acid 9EBC
Malt Acid 9EBC -  1kg

Malt Acid 9EBC

  • Reference: ACIDE-1kg
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Beer style :

Pils; Lager; Wheat Beer; alcohol-reduced Beer; all other beer types.

Recommended Quantities :

up to 10%

Characteristics :

Produced from quality spring barley. Lowers mash, wort, and beer pH. Contains 1 −2% lactic acid. Enhances enzymatic activity in mash and improves extract efficiency. Lightens color in pale brews. Enhances stability and extends shelf life of finished beer. Promotes well-rounded, complex beer flavor. Recommended Quantities: Each 1% lowers mash pH by 0.1. Flavor: fruity and sour

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