Recommended use: up to 20%. Color: 95 - 105 EBC
  • Malt Aroma
  • Malt Aroma
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Malt Aroma

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malt aroma

Aroma malt:

Aroma malt is kilned at 115°C. It is not, however, a caramel malt, which means it is less bitter, very aromatic and can be used in higher quantities, as well as having a higher diastatic power.

Aroma malt gives a very intense malty flavor, so it's perfect for any style of beer where you want to bring out the character of the malt, without going overboard with caramel. This malt will give biscuity, honeyed flavors plus a touch of hazelnut, toffee and vanilla.

Belgian in origin, it is perfect for enhancing the maltiness of both light and dark beers. In fact, it will give a golden to light amber color to the finished product.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Dubbel
  • Quadruppel
  • Golden ale
  • Belgian strong dark ale
  • Stout

Recommended use :
Up to 20% proof

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Data sheet

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  • Cereal


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  • °L

    95 - 105

  • Style de prédilection

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