Recommended use: up to 25%. Color: 45 - 55 EBC
  • Malt Biscuit
  • Malt Biscuit
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Malt Biscuit

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malt biscuit

Cookie malt:

A unique and very special Belgian malt, kilned, then lightly roasted up to 160°C. Cookie malt gives the beer a toasty, biscuit-like flavor. This malt gives the beer a golden to slightly amber color.

Cookie malt enhances the maltiness of beers. It is therefore highly versatile and can be used in a multitude of styles. It brings a rich aroma to both a saison and a strong stout.

Cookie malt contains no enzymes, so it must be mash-mixed with malts with high diastatic power.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Saison
  • Stout
  • Amber Ale
  • Golden ale
  • Red Ale

Recommended use:
Up to 15%.

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Data sheet

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  • Cereal


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  • °L

    45 - 55

  • Style de prédilection

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