Recommended use: up to 5%. Color: 3 - 4.5 EBC
  • Light Peated Malt Whisky
  • Light Peated Malt Whisky
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Light Peated Malt Whisky

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malt tourbé biere

Lightly peated malt whisky:

Contrary to its name, malt whisky can also be used in beer. Although malt whisky is originally used in the preparation of the famous Scotch peated whiskies, its aromatic palette adds a richness to the beer.

In fact, it is a base malt that has been smoked with peat, a fuel widely used in the marshy lands of northern Europe. In addition to its powerful smokiness, it brings the very strong earthy notes of peat, giving this malt its unique character.

Beers with peated malt have a very powerful character. This malt is therefore best suited to malty (or even dark) beers with a high alcohol content. Moreover, it is not used like a classic smoked malt: we don't recommend exceeding 5% of a malt recipe. In general, 2% already gives a very frank peaty character.

Favorite beer styles :

  • Imperial Stout
  • Scotch ale
  • Strong smoked ales

Maximum recommended use :
Up to 5%.

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Data sheet

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  • Cereal


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  • °L

    3 - 4.5

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