Recommended use: up to 15%. Color: 5 EBC
  • Malt d'avoine naked
  • Malt d'avoine naked
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Malt d'avoine naked

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malt d'avoine

Naked oat malt

Naked oat malt, also known as naked oat, develops a unique flavor of hazelnut, toasted bread and cookie. It will bring (and this is its main asset) a creamy texture, body and good foam retention to the beer.

It is both a structural and a gustatory element. Compared with oat flakes, which are not malted, oat malt will give a slightly toasted side, and its diastatic power makes it easier to use.

It's a perfect addition to a good stout, giving it creaminess and smoothness. In a Hazy IPA, its high protein content and foam retention will preserve the flavor of the hops.

Warning: Despite its diastatic power, oat malt is not fermentable enough to be used on its own, so it must be blended with a base malt. Beyond its 15% recommended use, we recommend using rice husks to help filtration.

Preferred beer styles :

- Oatmeal Stout
- Hazy IPA
- Triple
- Saison

Recommended use:

Up to 15% proof

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