Recommended use: up to 5%. Color: 1000 - 1300 EBC
  • Roasted Barley Weyermann®
  • Roasted Barley Weyermann®
  • Roasted Barley Weyermann®
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Roasted Barley Weyermann®

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Roasted Barley / Orge torréfié

Roasted barley's high degree of heat produces a deep black color and coffee- and cocoa-like aromas. The difference with roasted malts such as carafa is that roasted barley is not malted. This characteristic brings with it some subtleties in taste and texture, notably dryness and a little more bitterness.

Roasted Barley can be used as the only roasted bean in a recipe, or in combination with other dark beans. It is, for example, the only roasted component in Guinness. It is very useful in stouts or porter where a dry character is desired. It is also useful in recipes where you want to color the beer without adding too much caramelized flavor. For example, at 1%, it brings color and dryness to a good Irish Red Ale or Bitter.

In combination with roasted malts, it brings balance, especially in terms of texture. In short, roasted barley is a very versatile grain in terms of taste and structure.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Irish Extra Stout

  • Dry Stout
  • Export Stout
  • Black IPA
  • Imperial Stout
  • Bitter
  • Irish Red Ale

Recommended use :
up to 5% proof

Available in 25kg here

Data sheet

  • Grains


  • Cereal


  • Type


  • °L

    1000 - 1300

  • Style de prédilection

  • Usage Max.



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