For automatic cleaning of 24 bottles
  • FastWasher 24
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FastWasher 24

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The FastWasher 24 washing system is a high-capacity, hands-free bottle cleaner.

Fast and easy to use. Load your bottles into the FastRack 24 drainer (not included), switch on the FastWasher and let the pump do all the work for you.

No more scrubbing, no more hours of soaking, no more mess. Plus, no more piles of empty bottles to wash and clean by hand!

The Fastwasher 24 is suitable for a wide range of bottles, up to 65mm in diameter (bottles larger than this will get in the way and won't fit in the Racks).

- made from high-density plastic
- powerful, CE-certified pump
- maximum water temperature 41°C
- easy to assemble with a simple Phillips screwdriver
- cleans 24 bottles at a time

Note: FastRack 24 drip tray and FasRack 24 drip tray are not included!

If you don't have the drip tray, you'll need one to hold the FastWasher:

 recommended size = 50 x 40 x 20 cm

Caution: It is important to follow the installation instructions carefully. Damage caused to the product by incorrect assembly will not be reimbursed.

Please note that the feet must be installed after the pumps.
Note that the pumps must be screwed in as far as they will go, but without forcing them (do not try to align the pumps).

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