Freehand counterpressure filler. Best value for money.
  • Facilitap filler
  • hands-free counter pressure filler
  • hands-free counter pressure filler
  • hands-free counter pressure filler
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Facilitap filler

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FaciliTap, hands-free counter pressure filler !

Counter pressure bottling and the overflow of foam that comes with it...

When you bottle alone, you hold the bottle with one hand, with the other you try, as best you can, to manage the gas/beer knob of the filler, then you have to run to cap your bottle immediately. It's a real hassle and the Geyser is quickly arrived…

Yet counter pressure bottling has a lot of advantages. It would be a shame to miss out on them…

Luckily, we have found for you a "hands-free" counter pressure filler.

facilitap counter pressure filler

Ultra simple to use. FaciliTap allows you to bypass all the usual problems of counter pressure filling while preserving the advantages of this method. And at a price that defies all competition

Protect your beer from oxygen, avoid off-flavors and overflows:

Discover FaciliTap...

Unlike standard counter pressure fillers, Facilitap distributes the beer on the walls of the bottle rather than from the bottom. The main advantage? Drastically limit the production of foam during filling.

With Facilitap, you just need to fix the neck of the bottle to the port provided for this purpose. You will not have to hold the bottle (nor the filler). You will therefore be totally available to manage the flow of gas and beer. This will allow you to avoid quite a few overflows.

Moreover, if you fix Facilitap on the door of your fridge/fermentation chamber, you will be able to bottle without loss of temperature. Another advantage that will limit the risk of foam explosion.

It is compatible with most 26mm bottles. (not compatible with 29mm and mechanical cap bottles).

facilitap + hose holder

Installation of FaciliTap:

FaciliTap is made of stainless steel, so you will need to fix its bulkhead (shank) on a solid support:

  • - Wooden support
  • - Door of your Fermentation fridge
  • - Old DIY stand capper

The choice is yours!

To connect FaciliTap to your keg/fermenter you can use the hose holder provided with it. The John Guest 3/8" Hoses are compatible.

Our advice: Get yourself a John Guest Flat Bottom Female Union tube 3/8" to bsp 5/8" You will just have to fix it on the shank and it will be easier for you to connect to your keg.

john guest counter pressure filler

Then connect your Gas to the highest hose holder. The one at the bottom will be used for evacuation (for purging in particular). The John Guest 3/8" hoses will fit perfectly.

Bonus: install a hose on the evacuation hose holder and place it in a container. This will prevent you from putting foam on the floor ;).

Operation of FaciliTap in 5 steps:

Once your FaciliTap is connected to your beer/CO2 and all the valves are closed, you can bottle:

  1. Slightly unscrew the "bottle holder". Place the neck of the bottle at the level of the seal and fix it with the handle
  2. Purge your bottle. Send the CO2 by turning to the left, the valve located at the top of the FaciliTap. Slightly unscrew the butterfly valve located on the right of the FaciliTap to evacuate the gas
  3. Put your bottle under pressure. Follow step 2 but this time, keep the butterfly valve tight.
  4. Fill the bottle. Cut off the gas and turn completely to the right, the valve located at the top of the FaciliTap. Slightly loosen the butterfly valve to depressurize the bottle and allow the beer to flow. This valve will also serve to regulate the flow.
  5. Remove the bottle and cap immediately!

As simple as that!

Bonus: FaciliTap can also serve as a pressure tap. Our Classic compensator tap equipped with a shank is compatible. To install it you will just have to unscrew the port located at the front of the FaciliTap.

facilitap counter pressure filler + tap

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