Premium Counterflow Cooler Kit

Counterflow cooler with magnetic pump.
Connections and pipes for must circulation included.


The countercurrent cooling system allows the circulation of the wort in one direction and the circulation of water in the other direction, without contact between the two.
The cooling speed is therefore greatly accelerated!

This pack offers :

  • a countercurrent cooler with a total length of 9.5m, allowing to cool 20L of wort in 5min under optimal conditions.
    The cooler is equipped with Gardena fittings for water circulation and tuayu door for wort circulation.


  • a magnetic booster pump, able to withstand high temperatures up to 100°C and to circulate the wort as soon as it has finished boiling.


  • the necessary fittings and pipes for the circulation of the wort.

Easy to use, this system will allow you to cool your wort whatever your brewing tank.

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