Spunding Valve Blow Tie.
  • Duotight BlowTie spunding valve
  • Duotight BlowTie spunding valve
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Duotight BlowTie spunding valve

  • Reference: 058.301.3


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Blow Tie Spunding Valve

Control and regulate the pressure of your barrels, soda kegs, and pressurizable fermenters with the overpressure valve (or spunding valve) with an integrated manometer.

It is possible to adjust the manometer of the Blow Tie Spunding Valve within a pressure range between 0 and 1 bar (max 15 PSI). It will serve you as much to regulate a pressure fermentation as to manage a “forced” natural carbonation. Forced is in quotes because there will be no external addition of CO2 but there will also be no sugar re-fermentation. The Blow Tie spunding valve will serve to trap the CO2 released by the fermentation which will carbonate the beer.

The diameter of the two outlets of the spunding valve is 5/16".

Assembly and Operation of the Spunding Valve

You will need to get a 5/16" ball lock connector, to connect to your barrel/soda keg/fermenter. Then add a small length of 5/16" hose, it will link the connector and the spunding valve. Finally, connect another length of hose to the outlet of the valve.

Once this assembly is mounted on the fermenter, open the valve all the way with the manometer. The gas will escape. Close the valve gradually until the needle reaches the desired pressure and you no longer hear the gas escaping (without closing all the way).

Check from time to time that the pressure remains on the defined setting, otherwise, you will need to adjust the manometer. Don’t worry, it takes several tries before you get the right setting.

After use, the spunding valve is easily disassembled for verification, maintenance, and complete cleaning.

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