• Press Filter COLOMBO INOX 12
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Press Filter COLOMBO INOX 12

  • Reference: COLOMBO-12.I

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Flow rate : 350-500 L/h
Diameter : 20mm
Dimensions : 430x270xh280


Technical informations

Flow rate : 350-500 L/h
Diameter : 20mm
Dimensions : 430x270xh280

The COLOMBO® FILTER comprises an electric pump and a filtering system called the pressed layer liquid system.
This special filtration method purifies beverages to a very high standard without affecting the fundamental characteristics of the processed liquid, and it is therefore a very popular choice both for household filter systems and for professional use, for example in wineries, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories and breweries - anywhere it is necessary to filter a beverage so that it can be served or bottled perfectly clear and free from traces of any undesirable residues.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CUSTOMERS: the COLOMBO® FILTER is designed mainly for filtering beverages, so all the materials used are perfectly compatible with liquids for human consumption.
It is recommended in particular for filtering wine, water, infusions, wine or beer must and fragrances. It does not require any particular maintenance except for routine cleaning.
When purchasing the COLOMBO® FILTER, Customers gain the added benefit of buying two appliances in one; they will be able to filter their beverages and then, if necessary, they can disconnect the pump from the filter and use it on its own for simply transferring liquids.

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