New generation of Fermzilla 27L.
  • Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L
  • Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L
  • Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L
  • Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L
  • Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L
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Fermzilla 27l - Tri-Conical Gen3

  • Reference: FERMZILLA27


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The pre-saturated conical fermenter

This generation features a 3" Tri-clamp flange.

The FermZilla 27L is a compact conical fermenter that gives brewers more control. Thanks to the transparent side wall made of high quality PET, you can see what is going on in the fermentation tank at any time.

Furthermore, the Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L has the great advantage of allowing fermentation under pressure (max. 2.4 bar).

The yeast can be easily removed by means of the collection tank at the bottom of the fermenter. This allows the clarification process to begin immediately. This also allows a new brew to be inoculated with the recovered yeast.

Technical details

- large 12 cm opening
- can be pressurized up to 2.4 bar
- 1 tank for fermentation, clarification and distribution
- large yeast collection flask: 600 ml
- width x height: 388 mm x 856 mm (incl. bubbler). See also the pdf under downloads for dimensions of the Fermzilla with various accessories.

Included with the Fermzilla Tri-Conical Gen3 - 27L

- FermZilla 27-litre tank
- stainless steel handle (assembly set)
- stainless steel stand with handles
- top lid with pressure relief valve
- 600 ml yeast collection flask
- Tri-clamp 3" butterfly valve
- Tri-clamp fitting 3" x2
- 3-piece bubbler
- sticker for estimated contents
- thermometer sticker
- various sealing caps
- spare gaskets

Liquids in the FermZilla should never exceed 50°C.

Caution: Always consult the instruction manual (QR code on the carton) before assembling the FermZilla. As with all preservable fermenters, there is a use-by date (written on the product) that we advise you not to exceed.

Optional pressure kit

When you purchase the optional pressure kit, you get the most out of your FermZilla. This allows you to use the FermZilla to draw beer directly from the tank, but also to transfer to another keg without losing pressure.

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