• FerMonster™ carboy 23 litres with tap 5/16"-7/16"
  • FerMonster™ carboy 23 litres with tap 5/16"-7/16"
FerMonster™ carboy 23 litres with tap 5/16"-7/16" zoom_in

FerMonster™ carboy 23 litres with tap 5/16"-7/16"

  • Reference: 017.135.23


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The FerMonster™ is a brand new fermenter, designed specifically for fermentation.

  • easy cleaning: due to smooth, ribless sides which reduce residual yeast and sediment and a 10 cm wide mouth.
  • easy and accurate filling: the handy moulded in volume markers and wide mouth opening reduce spillage and the need for additional equipment, handy for dry hopping.
  • ingenious design: It has enough capacity to use for primary fermentation as well as secondary. The reduced surface area of the conical top facilitates long term storing.
  • model with pre-mounted, removable tap.
  • The FerMonster™ comes in 2 sizes: 23 and 27 litres.
  • Including lid with hole for rubber bung with hole for airlock, see accessories.
  • Made with food-grade materials & BPA-free.
  • Made of heavy PET: nearly unbreakable and impermeable to oxygen penetration.
  • Completely taste and odour-free.
  • Solid lid for dust-proof storage of your FerMonster™ is separately available.
  • Spigot wrench to easily remove and remount taps is optionally available, see accessories.

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