Micro Brasserie stainless steel pack

Discover the best of our brands. With the 100% stainless steel microbrewery pack, brew your own beer with the quality of a professional brewery. We've put together the stainless steel tanks with the best value for money.

The Grainfather S40 automatic brewing tank allows you to brew any grain without having to worry about the temperature at which it's poured. The cooler is supplied with the tank.  

The Brewer electric tank is ideal for heating the rinse water needed for 30L brews.

Finally, the Brewmonk fermenter offers all the advantages of a professional fermenter, but on the scale of home brewing. Stainless steel has the great advantage of being non-porous, so it's 100% oxygen-resistant, easy to clean and scratch-proof, limiting the risk of infectious outbreaks. Its conical structure not only produces clearer beers, but also makes it easier to harvest and re-pitch yeast. With this fermenter, you can ferment 30L of your best beer.

To facilitate transfers from the S40 to the fermenter, we've also included a 9x13mm silicone tube.

Please note: this pack contains equipment for brewing and fermenting 30L. Bottling and crushing equipment is not included.

Guarantees are specific to each product. 

The stainless steel microbrewery pack includes :

The Grainfather S40 and all its equipment (including cooler)

Brewer electric tank for heating up to 30L of rinse water

30L BrewMonk fermenter

9x13 silicone tubing

Pack content

30L fermenter.

Data sheet


In 9x13mm or 13x19mm

Data sheet


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