Brewer starter kit MX

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for brewing with malt extract

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The most complete starters kit for brewing with malt extract packs. Contains :

  • Electric stainless steel brew kettle 27 l with thermostat and tap.
  • Hop boiling bags.
  • 30 L brewing bucket with airlock and tap.
  • Plate heat exchanger welded with 2 x 1 m silicone tubing and + 2 x 1,5 m pvc tubing 10/15 Reinforced.
  • Mashing thermometer.
  • Stirring spoon.
  • Hydrometer and measuring cylinder.
  • Bottle filler.
  • Chemipro® oxi cleaning product.
  • Capper with 100 crown caps.
  • Brewing instructions.


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