Kit beginner ROLLING BEERS

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Moulin à céréales ECO

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Must scoop plastic 3l

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Muslin hop boiling bags

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Mashing bag 30x30x35cm

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Tuyau PVC / différents diamètres / à la coupe

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Brewferm Brewer 30L

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Kit Brew in a Bag ROLLING BEERS

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Pack content

complete equipment for brewing kits, beer

By purchasing this starter Pack ROLLING BEERS, you'll wield all the equipment needed for the brewing kits.

This pack contains a full set of equipment for the brewing kits beer Brewferm and kits Muntons (not included in the pack). You'll simply have to buy or collect empty bottles.

The hydrometer provides allows to control the end of the fermentation, and the degree of alcohol obtained.

The pack ROLLING BEERS contains:

  • a bucket of brewing plastic 30 litre with valve and thermometer sticker
  • a bucket of fermenting in plastic, 30 litres with tap, thermometer sticker, and bubbler,
  • a rod-filler special,
  • a large spoon,
  • a capping machine for capsules, 26mm,
  • 100 caps crowns 26mm (beer bottles normal),
  • a brush for cleaning bottles
  • a bottle of cleaner,
  • a hydrometer with a test tube to control the fermentation.

Data sheet


Affordable Brewferm® grain crusher in tinned cast iron, suitable for manually crushing malt or grinding maize, grains, seeds... Set the desired thickness by simply tightening or loosening the adjustment screw.

  • large hopper
  • capacity: up to 30 kg/h
  • adjustable fineness
  • tinned cast iron
  • easy to assemble
  • tabletop model

This wort chiller cools 20 litres of boiling wort to 20-25 °C in 20 minutes, using cooling water at 23 °C. Thanks to the smaller diameter, it fits in most common brew kettles. It is highly durable and easy to maintain, due to its stainless steel design. Including 2 plastic hose connections.

  • cools 20 l of wort to 20-25 °C in 20 minutes
  • stainless steel
  • diameter 20 cm
  • immersion chiller
  • easy to maintain and to use
  • including hose connections 3/4"
  • 3 year warranty

Very solid and practical shovel to pick up your fruit, wort, seeds, etc. A useful extra tool for all amateurs! Made of special white plastic material for foodstuffs. Capacity 3L.

  • Very smooth finish = easy to clean.
  • Rounded corners and a solidly built in handle!
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.

For adding hop cones during boiling.
10 bags, sterilizable and reusable.

Especially for use in mashing bins. With fine side and coarse bottom for optimal sparging. Also suitable for hop boiling.


Note: As soon as the brew bag is filled with malt, it touches the bottom of the brewing vessel. You can no longer increase the temperature by direct heating. This can lead to melting or burning of the brew bag. We therefore advise you to pin it to the top of your tank.

Flexible PVC hose without textile reinforcement

Sold by the metre. If several meters, sold in one piece.

Phthalate-free hose for the passage of food liquids without pressure, according to the European directive 2007/19/EC for simulants A-B-C

Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C

Data sheet

  • Measuring range: -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572F)
  • Resolution: 0.1°C/0.2°F
  • Accuracy: +/-1°C( -2°F )at-20°C to200°C(-4F to 392F),
  • +/-2°C( 4°F )at other rang
  • Case material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic
  • Probe material : Food safety 304 stainless steel
  • Power source: 3V button battery ( includes)
  • power saving: 10 minutes auto-off
  • Foldable probe Diameter:3.5mm
  • Super fast response time of 3-4s
  • Inside magnet on backside
  • Bright white backlit 
  • Min max temperature record
  • Can be calibrated in 0°C
  • Waterproof design

This electric brew kettle from Brewferm offers all the features you need to convert your high-quality ingredients into a delicious beer.

Thanks to the 2 heating elements that together offer a capacity of 2500 watts, you have more than enough power to heat your wort quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the separately controllable heating elements and the adjustable thermostat, you have good control over your brewing process.


• stainless steel boiler: robust, hygienic and easy to maintain

• power: 2500 W

• Adjustable thermostat: 30-100 °C

• 2 separately controllable heating elements: 700 watts + 1800 watts

• spacious capacity: 30 liter (25l to max line); enough to make 20 liter brews

• removable stainless steel ball valve 1/2” with hose nozzle 13mm

• glass lid to monitor mashing process

• 220 - 240v

• 3 year warranty


Tip: use only 1 of the heating elements during mashing, this way you prevent burning.

Length 44 cm

Width 44 cm

Height 55 cm

Weight 6.7 kg

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