Pack Produits de Nettoyage Complet

Pack Produits de Nettoyage Complet

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This pack contains four essential cleaning products for brewing equipment.


With the "Complete Cleaning Products" pack, you can ensure that your brewing equipment is hygienically clean, which is essential to the success of your brews. If you're at a loss when it comes to choosing your cleaning products, then we've chosen for you the four essential products to maximize your chances of success !

1. ChemiPro Wash: Basic cleaner, to be used like washing-up liquid on your brewing equipment. Dilute 7 to 14g/l in hot water (+/- 50°C).

2. OxyBrew 1kg: For use in all circumstances. This non-corrosive product is composed of active oxygen. It disinfects your equipment after cleaning. Ideal after boiling or during bottling to soak equipment that will come into contact with your wort/beer (Fouquet, bottling wand...). It's also ideal for disinfecting your fermenter just before fermentation, or your bottles/cans just before packaging your beer. Dose with 4g/l of hot water (+/- 50°C). 5 minutes contact time is sufficient. No rinsing required.

3. Chemipro caustic 400g: Soda ash and active chlorine-based disinfectant, ideal for all heavily soiled equipment. This powerful product eliminates bacteria in depth. If you're in any doubt about cleaning a fermenter, or if you're unsure about the cleanliness of your bottles even after washing them with washing-up liquid, then use ChemiPro caustic. Ideally, use it every 3 or 4 fermentations on your plastic fermenters. You can also use ChemiPro Caustic if you've recovered bottles that have already been used, but you can't clean the bottoms, just leave them to soak in it. Add 1g/l of hot water (+/- 50°C). Soak for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly after use. The use of dishwashing gloves is recommended. Limit contact time if using on stainless steel.

4. P3-Alcodes: The useful little "Pschit". Always handy for brewing and bottling. Alcohol-based disinfectant. It can happen that you accidentally put your fingers on the inside walls of the fermenter just before transferring, or that you put your bottling rod on a surface you're not 100% sure is clean. For all these little inconveniences, P3 Alcodes is a real plus which means you don't have to worry too much about potential infections. Use on all surfaces that could potentially present small risks.

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