Tastes of: cocoa.
  • extrait liqueur LICK cacao 20ml
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extrait liqueur LICK cacao 20ml

  • Reference: 080.018.5

Tastes of: cocoa.


Use Lick extracts to make your own spirits and liqueurs. Lick flavours can also be used, according to your imagination and creativity.

Make it yourself:

Recipe on the label. Mixed with water, pure alcohol (90/96°) and sugar, a Lick bottle makes a liqueur entirely comparable to those sold on the market.

Better still, the sugar and alcohol content can be modified to suit individual tastes and desires. To obtain a less alcoholic liqueur, simply reduce the recommended amount of pure alcohol and top up with more water.

With one liter of pure alcohol, you can make around three liters of Lick liqueur, and even more if you lower the alcohol content. This in no way alters the taste of the drink. It will taste exactly the same, but with less alcohol. Once blended, don't forget to let the liqueurs rest for a week or so. The ageing of any liqueur is a real capital asset.

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