• Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
  • Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill
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Ss Brewtech™ Grain Mill

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Ss Brewtech specializes in taking large scale pro-inspired brewing equipment and distilling them down for the home and nano brewer. All-in-one, fluted rollers, tool-less gap adjustment and differential speed rollers are just a few features that set their new mill apart from the competition.

All-in-one design
Featuring a high torque DC motor combined with a leveraged gear reduction system that drives a series of billet aluminum pulleys and high inertia rollers make easy work of the toughest wheat and rye malts. Capable of up to 160 kg/h.

Differential speed rollers
As opposed to repurposed feed mills in the early days of craft brewing due to the lack of availability of milling equipment designed specifically for processing malt, the key feature are the two rollers inside of this specially developed mill, both driven by the onboard motor, but designed to rotate at different speeds.

If you're brewing beer you don't want to pulverize the grain; it's preferable to crack the endosperm in several places and then sheer off the husk, keeping it mostly intact. This mill's shearing and crushing action maximizes both efficiency and lautering performance.

Machined fluted stainless steel rollers
Other mills that are designed to pulverize grain, are often equipped with hardened steel knurled rollers, whereas the Ss Brewtech Grain Mill is equipped with fluted rollers, cast in solid 304 stainless steel, weighing a robust 3.4 kg. Thanks to its shearing action less stress is placed on the roller to effectively process the grain. Fluting the rollers enhance their capacity to process the malt.

Furthermore, the profile of the rollers has been completely rethought. While most small mills rely on a wide processing envelope and a small, 3,8-5 cm diameter roller, Ss Brewtech has emulated the design of large production mills, and increased the diameter of the roller to 10 cm, and narrowed the processing envelope.

This design increases the rotating mass, and stores rotational energy, which ultimately helps to smooth abrupt changes in rotational speed. Furthermore, the entrance angle is less acute with a larger roller, resulting in additional mechanical advantage.

Precision gap adjustment
Eleven points of adjustment ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 mm open up a wide range of malt products. Gap adjustments are tool-less and can easily be made without any disassembly.

Extruded aluminum chassis
The two-piece extruded 6061 aluminum chassis promotes structural rigidity resulting in a more precise degree of roller alignment. This is important to retaining consistent roller gap settings from batch-to-batch.

Furthermore, the two-piece construction isolates the motor and rollers in separate chambers, preventing the motor and drivetrain from accumulating dust and debris. All rotational pulleys and rollers have their own dedicated fully sealed ball bearings for low drag and long life.

Hopper capacity of 11.3 kg
The Ss Brewtech Grain Mill includes a custom tooled 4 mm thick ABS hopper that is both structurally strong and lightweight. Designed to hold up to 11.3 kg of grain at a time, the Ss Brewtech Grain Mill has been clocked in prototype testing at processing roughly 160 kg per hour of barley malt. Which is approximately a 25 kg sack every 8 mins, making it perfect for batch sizes from 19 liters (5 gallons) to 795 liters (5 bbl).

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