• Mini-keg starters kit
  • Mini-keg starters kit
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Mini-keg starters kit

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Get started with your craft beer keg with the mini keg starter kit.

Very easy to use:

- fill the keg by adding a maximum of 3g of sugar for each litre of beer.

- Let it ferment as you would for your bottles.

- Refrigerate and after a few days, you can already tap your beer with a powerful head, thanks to CO2.

Because there is no contact with the ambient air, preservation is guaranteed for several weeks.

Contents of the starter kit :

- 3 x 5 l pressure kegs, very handy and reusable, with rubber stopper.
- Party Star Deluxe beer pump: special CO2 regulator with beer flow and CO2 settings.
- 10 cartridges of 16g CO2, specially adapted to the regulator
- Instructions for use.

Delivery information:

Despite all the care we take in protecting the kegs, it happens that some arrive dented. Don't worry, the drums will return to their original shape when pressurised.

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