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Crisp Malt Dextrine [UK] 35EBC

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Crisp's Dextrin Malt is obtained by restricting the germination phase of barley, which allows to preserve a greater part of the natural polysaccharides that will improve the beer in terms of body and mouthfeel. These dextrins will also participate in the formation and conservation of a pretty foam neck.
The use of Dextrin Malt is particularly beneficial in addition to highly modified malts such as Extra Pale to produce golden beers or in the Range of Pilsner-style beers. This malt can also be useful in low-gravity beers such as IPA Session to give them sufficient roundness for the overall balance of the recipe.

The low coloration of this malt allows utilization rates of up to 15% without drastically impacting the color of the beer obtained.

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