Recommended use: up to 5%. Color: 930 - 1155 EBC
  • Chocolate Malt - 25kg
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Crisp Malt Chocolate [UK] 1000EBC

  • Reference: CHOCOCRISP-25KG



Chocolate Malt shares many characteristics with Black Malt. But since it is roasted for a shorter period of time and at a lower final temperature, it does not have the astringent side.
Its main use lies in the darkest beers in order to offer a deep color.

Malt Chocolate has been used in Irish stouts for a long time and its combination with unmalted barley roasted in varying proportions opens the doors to a range of flavours from sweet and fluffy to a dry and bitter side.

Recommended use: 5% maximum

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  • °L

    930 - 1155

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