Recommended use: up to 40%. Color: 4 - 15 EBC Used to produce gluten-free beer
  • Malt de Sarrasin 10 EBC Poids:25kg
Malt de Sarrasin 10 EBC Poids:25kg zoom_in

Buckwheat malt Malterie du Château 25kg

  • Reference: SARRASIN-25KG


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Chateau Buckwheat has the right properties to replace barley malt to produce gluten-free beer. Adds a nutty, malty flavor to your beer. It can also be used in special beers to give a note of richness and depth. NB! Chateau Buckwheat Malt has no diastatic power.

Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture % 5.0
Fine milling extract (dry matter) % 66.0
Must coloring EBC(Lov.) 4.0 (2.1) 15.0 (6.2)
Total protein (dry matter) % 11.0

Storage and storage time

Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 22 °C), dry (< 35 HR %), and infestation-free space. For best results, we recommend using all crushed products within 3 months and all whole grain products within 12 months of production. Malts that are not stored properly may lose freshness and flavor.

Bag of 25kg.

Data sheet

  • °L

    4 - 15

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