Increase aromatic complexity from hops in beer.
  • Aromazyme Lallemand 100g
  • Aromazyme Lallemand 100g
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Aromazyme Lallemand 100g

  • Reference: AROMAZYNE



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Increases the diversity of hop avours and aroma by changing the ratio of specic terpene compounds Enhances the beer mouthfeel and drinkability by reducing unpleasant, harsh bitterness Slightly increases wort fermentability Expresses more character from less sophisticated hop varieties

The recommended dosage is 5g/hL. ABV AROMAZYME has optimal activity between pH 3.5-6.5, although lower activity is still observed at pH 3.0 for use in sour beers. The optimal temperature range is 15-65ºC. Dilute the enzyme in an adequate amount of water (~ 1g in 10ml) to ensure even distribution within the fermenter.

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