Hornindal strain. Aromas of anise, spices and apple. Ideal for Farmhouse, Wheat Beers or Raw Ale.
  • Kveik Yeastery K22 Stalljen 5gr
  • Kveik Yeastery K22 Stalljen 5gr
Kveik Yeastery K22 Stalljen 5gr zoom_in

Kveik Yeastery K22 Stalljen 5gr

  • Reference: K22-STALLJEN-5G


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The history of Kveik Stalljen K.22

The Stalljen strain comes from Stig Seljeset in Hornindal, Norway. Hornindal lies north of the Jostedal glacier, and its main industry is farming and scythe forging.

Stig Seljeset was a traditional self-sufficient farm with sheep and dairy cows. The original crop called Seljeset kveik dates back to the 1870s, but the crop has since been mixed and is now called Stalljen. The name Stalljen means stable and comes from their former stable, which now houses a private pub and brewery. The brewery still uses their 100-year-old brewing technique of heating a large copper cauldron over an open fire.

Characteristics of Kveik Stalljen yeast

This strain presents notes of apples and ripe fruit, with a hint of cloves and aniseed. The intensity is medium to high at high fermentation temperatures. At lower temperatures, it will be less intense, giving you a pleasant, crisp, lager-like beer.

This kveik is a versatile yeast, suitable for brewing many types of beer, including traditional farmhouse ales, stouts (and porters), IPAs and many more. At low mashing temperatures, you'll get high attenuation and a dry beer, with cloves and aniseed aromas really coming through. Use your imagination, experiment with new recipes and this yeast won't disappoint.

The higher the fermentation temperature, the faster the fermentation. At the highest temperature, you can expect the beer to ferment in 48 hours. When fermenting at lower temperatures, you can expect the fermentation time to increase.

Technical specifications:

Temperature range: 8-38°C (47-100°F).

Dosage: 5g / 0.17oz per 20-30L of must.

For fermentation below 20°C (68°F) or high gravity, increase dosage to 10g/20L.

Incorporate directly into wort, or rehydrate yeast.

Net weight: 5g / 0.17oz

Keep refrigerated

Data sheet

  • Origin


  • Floculation


  • Attenuation


  • Style de prédilection

    Pale Ale,India Pale Ale,Blonde Ale,Lager,Pilsner,Wheat,Stout,Triple

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