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India Pale Ale Kit

  • Reference: KTB-IPA


With the "India Pale Ale" brewing kit, make 8 litres of beer from the grain in your kitchen like a professional.

Color: Amber
Alcohol: 5.5%.
Bitterness: Pronounced
Quantity: 8 litres of beer


The "India Pale Ale" brewing kit allows you to brew 8 litres of an amber beer with 5.5% alcohol and pronounced bitterness. This recipe is intended for lovers of strong beers, particularly appreciating the much sought-after aromas of citrus fruits and tropical fruits. Based on a finely caramelized malted base, the bitterness of this India Pale Ale prolongs the pleasure for a beer with an intense yet very refreshing bouquet.

Material : 

A 12L fermenter with lid and tap
An air locker
A thermometer
24 x plastic caps
24 x muzzle and capsules
A cleaning brush
Cleaning product
Ingredients :

Malts (gluten)
This kit requires kitchen equipment not included in the kit, namely:

Pot for 8 litres
Casserole for 4 litres

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  • Instruction - Kit de brassage 8L -