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Kit Recette Bière Blanche Belge

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Brew our WIT-BIER recipe step by step !


Brew our Belgian WIT-BIER recipe:

Discover the superb raw wheat flavors brought by the wheat flakes. Combine them with the naturally spicy notes of the yeast. Add some coriander seeds and a little orange peel and you have an authentic (and delicious) Belgian white beer!

The pack includes the malt, hops, spices and yeast needed to make the recipe, for a 19 liter brew.

- Multi-palate brewing
- The malt is crushed by default. You can remove this option (on the right of the option)

Find the brewing guide in our article/recipe: Belgian white beer recipe - Le Mag Rolling Beers (

Find all the necessary information on this type of beer in our special article: How to brew a Belgian white beer? (

If you don't have any brewing equipment yet, the Brew in Bag kits offer you all the necessary material.

The different elements can be removed from the pack according to your own stock and your desires. However, be careful to check the items in your basket before validating your order.

Pack content

When all-grain brewing using large quantities of wheat, oats or other coarse grains, the filter bed can become easily clogged, which makes lautering very difficult. BREWFERM steam-sterilised rice hulls are the ideal solution: these rice hulls do not affect the flavour at all and can be used to improve the lautering of the mash:

  • Steam-sterilised
  • Guaranteed free of organic and chemical contaminants
  • Completely neutral flavour profile
  • No more clogged filter beds
  • Add during mash, using approx. 5% adjunct

When to use: whenever you expect problems lautering the mash:

  • When using a lot of wheat malt (more than 50%) - wheat malt has no husks, which makes lautering difficult.
  • When using a lot of unmalted grain (flakes)
  • When using rye (rye has no husks either, but can lead to a type of "gel" forming on the grain bed). The filter can become blocked, with no more liquid able to pass through the grain bed (a.k.a. a stuck sparge). You can use Brewferm rice hulls to prevent this from happening. They make the filter bed less compact, allowing liquids to penetrate more easily.

Use: max. 5% adjunct. The simplest option is to add the rice hulls to the mash (especially if using a system that circulates the wort (Braumeister, Grainfather, Brew Monk etc.).

Profil: Floral, fruity, herbal

Tradition is an aroma hop specifically bred for fungus and disease resistance, it also features higher alpha acids than its parent varieties, low cohumulone and higher myrcene. It was released for commercial production in 1989.
Its oil profile contributes to a wonderfully earthy and grassy character atop a nose of nectar fruits. It is best used late in the boil, or for dry hopping. This utilization is preferential since its humulene content has been noted to dissipate rapidly when heated.

Possible substitutes : Crystal

Data sheet

in pellets
aroma / flavor
Crop year
Alpha acids
Style de prédilection

Profile: Fruity, banana, clove

Munich Wheat Beer Yeast
This wheat beer yeast originated in Bavaria, Germany, home to many of the world's largest wheat beer breweries. Suitable for primary fermentation for beers up to 7% ABV. This top-notch yeast is used to create high-quality wheat beers. Produces typical banana and clovy flavours.

Flocculation: low
Final gravity: medium
Fermentation temperature: 17 - 22 °C
Dosage: 50 - 100 g/hl

Data sheet

Style de prédilection
Style de prédilection
Belgian Ale
Style de prédilection
[Malt] Recette Blanche Belge
[Malt] Recette Blanche Belge

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