Kegstream - kit de démarrage avec soda keg de 9L

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This starter kit makes it easy to build your own draught system using a sodastream CO2 carboy (not included)! Easy and compact, the 9L keg and small installation will fit perfectly into any fridge you want to take your beer to! This kit is ideal for getting started with home draughting and getting the hang of it before moving on to more substantial equipment. 

Kit includes :

A reconditioned 9L sodakeg

A sodastream cylinder regulator

A beerstream support for the sodastream cylinder

PICNIC tap + sodakeg connector

3/8" John Guest hose

Ball lock CO2 connector for soda keg

Two Union FFL nozzles

The sodastream carboy is not supplied.

We advise you to use the sodastream carboy only for pushing beer, not for carbonating. Even if, in theory, this is perfectly feasible, especially if you have a stock of carboys! You may wish to carbonate the beer with sugar in the keg beforehand. 

Short instructions

Connect the picnic tap to your sodakeg's beer outlet.

Install the beerstream holder on one side of your keg

On this support, place the regulator (in the off position)

Connect the two FFL connectors to the two ends of the John Guest hose

Screw one end onto the pressure reducer and the other onto the ball-lock fitting you'll be connecting to the soda keg's gas outlet.

Put the whole system in the fridge for a few hours to bring it down to around 3 or 4°C

Connect the C02 bottle to the regulator, always in the off position.

Turn the regulator knob to deliver the pressure needed to push the beer (it can vary, test, normally between 0.4 and 1.1 bar, the higher the temperature of the beer, the higher the pressure needed).

Enjoy (and so will your friends)

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Color: Natural / Translucent white

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For John Guest mounting on 1/4" FFL threads

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