Home Kegerator equipment

Home Kegerator equipment

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Discover our equipment pack to build your own DIY Kegerator.


Create your DIY Kegerator :

Do you dream of having your own draught beer at home?

Well, our diy kegerator pack contains all the equipment you need !

All you need to do is find the right fridge, drill a hole in its door, and connect your various fittings to serve yourself a chilled draught at home.

Details :

John Guest fittings and hoses are easy to install, disassemble and clean. They are compatible with both gas and liquid.

Size of CO2 cylinder: 45x13x13cm

To install the compensator valve on your fridge, you need to drill a 24mm hole.

Max. length of fridge door: 40mm (the tap thread is 50mm long).

This pack is fully customizable, so you can remove whatever you like by clicking on the little + to the right of the products.

You can find our second keg pack allowing you to provide two Keg Soda in your home Kegerator.

The pack includes a 2KG CO2 cylinder, a Majorplus regulator, a compensator valve with wall bushing, John Guest fittings and hoses compatible with these products and drums with Ball Lock fittings.

The Ball Locks needed to connect these drums are also included in the pack.

Please note :

We have chosen not to supply a keg in this pack, simply because several models are available. The choice of size will depend on your needs and/or the dimensions of your fridge.

In our opinion, the two best models for this pack are :

The reconditioned 18.9L Sodakeg keg: Diameter 22cm / Height 56cm

The reconditioned Sodakeg 9L keg: Diameter 22.5cm / Height 34.5cm

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