WI-FI densitometer/thermometer for monitoring your fermentations
  • Densimètre WI-FI Brewbrain
  • Densimètre WI-FI Brewbrain
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Densimètre WI-FI Brewbrain

  • Reference: BREWBRAIN


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This densimeter tracks your fermentation activity, temperature and specific gravity (SG) to brew better beers.

It can be used in your fermenter thanks to its food-grade housing, Wi-Fi connection and easy-to-charge battery.

Real-time data from this densimeter can also be used to view historical data from previous brews for easier replication. With a My Brewbrain account (free), you can track your brews anywhere! Export your data or see what other brewers are brewing. What's more, you can easily link your data to other tools.

- Fermentation tracking
- Temperature monitoring
- Specific gravity monitoring
- No sampling; less waste, less risk of infection
- Long-life battery for easy recharging via USB port
- Wi-Fi connection
- Third-party connection (including Brewfather)
- 2-year warranty

Dimensions and weight:
- Width 45.00 mm
- Height 45.00 mm
- Length 160.00 mm
- Weight 150.00 g

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