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  • Pellets Hops Styrian Wolf
  • Pellets Hops Styrian Wolf
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Pellets Hops Styrian Wolf

  • Reference: HP.WOLF-100G


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Styrian Wolf Hops:

Styrian Wolf hops

The Styrian Wolf hops is a dual-purpose hop variety originating from Slovenia.

The Styrian Wolf hops exhibit intense fruity and floral notes. These include flavors of sweet tropical fruits and complex aromas of mango, elderflower, and even a hint of violet. It was developed by the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec. Its very high myrcene content imparts a fresh hop aroma to beer. It can be used throughout the brewing process, from boiling to dry hopping.

It is commonly used in beer styles such as IPA, Pale Ale, British Ale, and Belgian Ale.

Organoleptic Properties:

  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Alpha acids: 10% - 18.5%
  • Beta acids: 5% - 6%
  • Total oils: 2.2-3.6 mL/100g

Preferred Beer Styles:

  • IPA
  • Pale ale
  • British Ale
  • Belgian Ale

Possible Alternatives:

Styrian Wolf is a unique hop that is challenging to replace.

Data sheet

  • Hop

    in pellets

  • Type

    dual purpose

  • Origin


  • Crop year


  • Alpha acids


  • Style de prédilection

    India Pale Ale
    Pale Ale

  • Arômes


Specific References

  • ean13


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