Profile : Lemon, lime, peach, melon, coconut, lemongrass, herbal bouquet, candy
  • Pellets Hops Cashmere
  • Pellets Hops Cashmere
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Pellets Hops Cashmere

  • Reference: HP.CASHMERE-100G



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Cashmere Hops:

cashmere hops

The Cashmere hops is a dual-purpose hop variety originating from the United States. It was created in 2013 by the Washington State University. It is a cross between the Cascade and Northern Brewer hops.

The Cashmere hops presents a mild bitterness and complex and intensely fruity aromas, with dominant notes of lemon, lime, peach, and melon. Herbaceous secondary notes, lemongrass, coconut, and candy can appear during whirlpool additions or dry hopping.

This hop will integrate wonderfully into IPAs (especially NEIPAs), Sours, or even Fruit beers. You can also be bold and try it in a modern saison or a Brett-based beer.

Organoleptic properties:

  • Country of origin: United States
  • Alpha Acids: 7.7% - 9.1%
  • Beta Acids: 3.3% - 7.1%
  • Total oils: 1.2 - 1.4 ml / 100g

Preferred beer styles:

  • IPA
  • Sour
  • Fruit beers
  • Modern saisons
  • Brett

Possible alternatives:

Citra, Mosaic

Data sheet

  • Hop

    in pellets

  • Type

    dual purpose

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  • Style de prédilection

    India Pale Ale

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